LEaT con 24 | Programm-Update

Beyond the Standards: Crafting Immersive Audio for Cutting-Edge Venues – and what goes ahead


Today we have new benchmarks for immersive audio like the Sphere in Las Vegas. What makes such environments so special and are such venues however asked for more, maybe interactivity? And how to create the content for such custom and complex loudspeaker environments? The presentation will touch these tasks and offer some more details and insides as well as showing a workflow example.


Tom Ammermann

Tom Ammermann | founder, general manager, and visionary behind New Audio Technology


In einem anschließenden Panel sprechen Tom Ammermann und weitere Branchenexperten über aktuelle Entwicklungen, Herausforderungen und Lösungen für Immersive/Spatial Audio Content. // In a subsequent panel, Tom Ammermann and other industry experts will talk about current developments, challenges and solutions for immersive/spatial audio content.


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